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In 1849 in England a chain of retail pharmacies Boots was created, which today is the leader of the British pharmacy market. It owns more than 2,500 retail pharmacies. In addition to standard products on its shelves you can find cosmetics, toothbrushes, special medical devices (tonometer, thermometer, etc.).
Almost in every major shopping center you can find a Boots store. In each of them there is the pharmaceutical department, where medicine will be prepared on a doctor's prescription for you or sold ready means.

But here you can find a wide variety of other goods - from paper handkerchiefs, lipstick and soap to music records with recordings of "pop", books and TV (in the case of larger stores). Indeed, a variety of products by Boots is amazing: here you will find cosmetics and perfumes, jewelry, sportswear, radios and records and cassettes, video recorders, home computers, garden tools, toys, children's clothes, pet food, cameras and cookware, polish, clocks, kits for making homemade wine and beer, "healthy food", free of any additives, books and stationery. Prices for all this - moderate, that is identical to the original intent of Jesse Booth.

It is possible to save in Boots. While shopping here you will earn points, which are converted into money for a special bonus system.
Please also note that some Boots branches can work during the public holidays, while others on the same network are closed. It is easy to find phone numbers, address, opening hours, reviews for Boots branches on our website.

Boots Opening times, Boots Poole Hamworthy, 300-302 Blandford Rd

Pharmacy Boots In Poole, 300-302 Blandford Rd

Boots Opening times, Boots Poole Adastral Square, 3 ADASTRAL SQUARE ADASTRAL RD


Boots Opening times, Boots Poole High Street, 190-196 High Street

Pharmacy Boots In Poole, 190-196 High Street

Boots Opening times, Boots Poole Parkstone, 364 Ashley Rd

Pharmacy Boots In Poole, 364 Ashley Rd